About Us

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Welcome to The Cook Room,

The Cook Room is an extension of our café, Ora, which is located just around the corner on Whistler Street.

Like Ora, our aim is to provide nourishing food that is properly prepared.

We know where our ingredients come from and that they are grown the way nature intended.

We only use free-range, grass-fed, organic meat and poultry supplied by Shiralee Organic Meats and The Butcher & The Chef.

Our produce is always local and organic whenever possible.

Our wines are all low in sulphates and preservatives and are wild fermented by people that love what they do.

The beer selections are from small, artisan brewers that use real ingredients and prioritise the environment in their production.

Our bread is long-fermented and baked by our friends at Berkelo.

We don’t use vegetable oils or refined sugars, and all of our nuts, grains, seeds and pulses are pre-soaked, allowing for proper digestion.

Every dish has been made to ensure all of our guests are nourished and looked after, with this in mind we politely ask that no modifications are made—thank you for your understanding.