About Us

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Welcome to The Cook Room,

A space we have created to provide Real Food for Everyone in the evenings.

The Cook Room is an extension of our Cafe, Ora, which is located on Whistler Street, Manly.

Like Ora, our aim is to provide real food that is prepared properly.

We like to know where our ingredients come from and know that they are grown the way nature intended.

We only use Free Range, Grass-Fed and Organic Meats supplied by 

Shiralee Organic Meats and The Butcher & The Chef.

Our produce is Local and/or Organic, some from Pods’ Garden.

Our Wines are all low in sulphates and preservatives and sourced by our Friend Sophie, most are made using minimal intervention, wild fermentation and are produced by People that love what they do.

Our Beer is a selection of Pods’ Favourites,  all from small Artisan Brewers that use Real Ingredients and prioritise Taste and the Environment.

Our Bread is Fermented and Baked by our Friends at Berkelo.

All the Food is prepared by Us.  

We like to know what is in everything and how things are made and the easiest way to do this is to make it all ourselves.

We don’t use vegetable oils or refined sugars, and all of our nuts, grains, seeds and pulses are prepared properly.

We like to have options for everyone so have put equal amounts of love and care into each dish so everyone is nourished and looked after, food intolerances, or not.  

With this in mind we politely ask that no modifications are made and thank you for understanding.